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Where To Download YouTube Videos For Free Online

by Kelly Pamela March 28th, 2012 · · entertainment, free stuff

Do you know you can download all those YouTube videos for free and with or without even having to install any software?

All you need to do is copy-and-paste a YouTube video URL and click “Download”. You can also download YouTube videos online without even copy-and-pasting the URL as well. While watching your favorite video, you just write the word ‘save’ in front of the URL in the address bar and hit enter.

For example, if the video URL is:

You just add the word “save” just before the….

See example below:

Here are two lists of sites where you can download YouTube videos either with or without downloading software.

Sites where you can download YouTube videos WITHOUT having to download any software:

1. Save You Tube (

2. KeepVid (

3. Grab You Tube (

4. Star Tube Mobi (

5. My Music Converter(

6. Zamzar (

7.  Media Converter (

8. Vidownloader (

9. KCoolOnline (

10. Download Videos (

11. Download This Video (

12. CatchVideo (

13. Share YouTube Downloader (

14. Video Getting (

Sites where you can download YouTube videos but have to download software:

1. Vixy (

2. Video Download Studio (

3. Ultraget Video Downloader (

4. ClipNabber (

4. iDesktop.TV (

5. Orbit Downloader (

6. VDownloader (

7. RealPlayer (

8. Leawo YouTube (

9. Free YouTube Download (

10. Video Scavenger (

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