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Umar 1001 Rahsia Lelaki For Malaysian Men

Kelly Pamela | December 4th, 2011 | lifestyle

How many of you, non-Malay Malaysians know about this seemingly powerful product known as Umar 1001 Rahsia Untuk Lelaki (Umar 1001 Secrets For Men)? Supposed to be a great and helpful stuff to beef up Malaysian manhood, just like the Indian Musli Power Extra Capsules.

I think most adult Malay men will know about this Rahsia (secret), especially those polygamous Malay men; who need to satisfy their multiple wives in order to be fair to all of them.  Oh yes, not forgetting those members of  “Obedient Wives Club” and those insatiable Malaysia Muslim husbands.

umar 1001 rahsia lelaki

Umar 1001 Rahsia Untuk Lelaki

Anyway, I came to know about this product which can boost manhood, from the woman magazine show “Wanita Hari Ini” over TV3. There was this pretty Malay lady by the name of Puan Zaiton binti Hassan, but popularly known as Kak Ton.

kak ton beauty umaira 1001 rahsia

Kak Ton Beauty Umaira

Kak Ton is the owner of Syarikat Pravenus Beauty, which markets health products like Umar 1001 Rahsia Lelaki, Pueraria Mirifica and Adam & Eve.

According to its site Beauty Umaira, this product for improving your manhood, it contains selected herbs like Tongkat Ali, Macca, Tribulus Terrestris, Ashwaganda (Indian ginseng), Garcinia cambogia, Tamarind, etc.

Don’t fool around with this potent Umar 1001 Rahsia Untuk Lelaki. It claims to have many amazing benefits such as  increase masucline energy, thicken air mani (semen), overcome  problem of cepat pancut (premature injeculation), boost libido, also it can help to harden and increase the size of manhood, etc. Fulamak! Bukan main lah. (Gosh! it’s no joke)

So, Malaysian men who really need to improve their intimate life, then get a box of Umar 1001 Rahsia Untuk Lelaki.

It comes in a box of 30 satchets. All you need to do is mix the portion with a glass of plain water. Stir the mixture and it can stir your love life. Just take one sachet per day and hopefully Umar 1001 Rahsia Lelaki can make your day, or rather your night.

#Disclaimer: This post is just for general information purposes only and is not intended as a solicitation or other sort of advertisement.